Duluth, MN

About This Project

Location: Duluth, MN
MOD: General Contracting
Contract: $4,565,300 (Public Bid/Hard Dollar Contract)


The West Duluth Reservoir is a 10 million-gallon drinking water storage reservoir. The reservoir is 321’ x 261’ with a depth of 25’ below grade. There were 11 topping slab pours, each between 6,500-7,000 square feet, and eight tank roof deck pours, between 8,500-13,000 square feet each. Due to the required placing and stripping sequence of the roof, 17 semi loads of shoring and 35 units of plywood were kept on site to complete the roof pours within the scheduled time.


Additional project highlights:

  • Removing the existing concrete reservoir roof
  • Adding on to the 180 existing columns to raise the roof and additional 2-5 feet
  • Placing a 5” topping slab over the existing base slab
  • Installing a new 8.5” thick concrete roof
  • Replacing storm sewer piping and a retaining wall