Nashwauk, MN

About This Project

Location: Nashwauk, MN
MOD: General Contracting
Contract: $15,687,215 (Unit Price)


Slab on grade and foundation work was performed on a job site spanning approximately 6 miles working simultaneously at each end. The contract was negotiated as a unit price instead of the typical lump sum contract and units included: weight of rebar installed, square feet of forming completed, weight of anchor bolts installed, weight of embeds, square feet of insulation, cubic yards of concrete placed, and other similar units of measure.


Additional project highlights:

  • 40,208 cubic yards of concrete
  • 8,968,000 pounds of reinforcing steel
  • 64,846 pounds of embedded angles
  • 8,371 pounds of anchor bolts – Largest installed anchor bolt 2.25” diameter, 5’-7” long