Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

About This Project

Location: Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
MOD: General Contracting
Contract: $82,000,000 (CAD)


The Canadian Natural Resources Limited Horizon Oil Sands facility expansion project included fabricating, procuring and installing components in the extraction facility. This consisted of installing 49,758 feet of piping, field welds totaling 21,370 diameter inches, pipe shoes, pipe supports and structural steel inside of five existing buildings and on a 240 foot high pipe rack. Ten pumps were also installed, the largest being 1,500 HP with an impeller diameter of 11 feet and a flow rate of 21,400 gallons per minute.


Additional project highlights:

  • Responsible for all testing/non-destructive examination of work
  • Work performed in extreme weather conditions
  • Electrical heat trace and insulation along certain pipes and sides of mechanical equipment
  • 245,000 man-hours
  • Upon completion, the facility was targeted to produce approximately 170,000 barrels of synthetic crude oil per day