Collaborative Delivery Methods


From shared goals and accountability to honesty, integrity, and shared trust, we know firsthand that successful projects are fueled by the innovation, problem-solving, decision-making, and communication that come with true collaboration. We work collaboratively with owners, engineers, field teams, operators, and stakeholders throughout the project to educate, evaluate, and provide innovative, customized solutions that perform. The trust created by our collaboration leads to long-lasting relationships.

Why Collaborative Delivery?

Some benefits of proven benefits of collaborative delivery include:

Early Engagement

More Cost Control

Faster Project Delivery

Lower Risk

More Project Certainty

More Efficiency

More Transparency

More Innovation

Higher Quality Outcomes

More Value

Collaboration Means More Safety

Throughout the project, the Rice Lake team emphasizes the importance of safety, from preconstruction services and design development through construction implementation. We discuss maintenance, accessibility, and workflow with the operations staff to ensure decisions will benefit them and make their site safer.

Our Collaborative Delivery Methods

We offer a full range of project delivery methods, including Design-Bid-Build, Construction Manager at-Risk, Progressive Design-Build, Fixed Price Design-Build, Construction Manager/General Contractor, and Construction Management. This lets us identify the best possible delivery method to support your unique project. Regardless of our collaborative delivery method, our collaborative delivery processes are designed to optimize team performance and create the conditions to ensure quality outcomes and project success.

Construction Management at Risk (CMAR)

Acting as the Owner’s Construction Manager during the design development on aspects such as cost, constructability, and schedule through the preconstruction phase and serving as the General Contractor during construction, holding the subcontractor and vendor contracts and taking on the project’s financial risk. Rice Lake has extensive CMAR experience.

Design/Build (DB)

Regardless of DB structure, Rice Lake works together from the beginning of project onset, throughout the project, leveraging our preconstruction services and self-performing abilities to be an exceptional DB teammate for the project, delivering excellence.

General Contracting

Employed by the client Rice Lake serves as the project manager, responsible for the overall coordination of a project, contract management, and for providing all of the material, labor, equipment, and services necessary for the construction of the project.

Competitive Bid (Design-Bid-Build)

The project is completely designed before Rice Lake bids on the project with the architect/engineer being fully responsible for all communication, estimates, constructability, and design. Traditionally, the lowest bidder is selected to complete the project.