Our Self-Performing Services


Working with a trustworthy, self-performing general contractor offers a range of undeniable advantages that can elevate any project to new heights. Our self-perform capabilities include site piping, demolition, excavation, concrete work, masonry, structural steel erection, miscellaneous metal installation, carpentry, doors & hardware, specialty installation, equipment installation, process piping, plumbing, and mechanical. With our diverse team of skilled craft professionals and extensive access to our own fleet of heavy equipment, we can manage various aspects of projects in-house, minimizing dependency on subcontractors while maintaining full control over the quality of work throughout the entire project.

Why Rice Lake as Your Self-Performing General Contractor?

These powerful benefits lead to cost savings, increased client satisfaction, and more overall value.

More Cost Control

More Scheduling Certainty

Optimize Resource Allocation

Stronger Communication

More Flexibility

Superior Craftsmanship

Subcontracting Solutions

In addition to general contracting services, we offer select subcontracting services, including masonry, concrete, plumbing, and process installation. We bring specialized skills, expertise, and resources to your project, allowing you to focus on your core competencies while efficiently delegating any or all of these trades. If you need additional field crews for a specific project, contact us and see how we can play a crucial role in helping you achieve your goals.


We self-perform the installation of a variety of materials including CMU, brick, natural stone, cast stone, and cultured stone. Our masons can complete your project scope from courthouses to college campuses, health care facilities, and K-12 education.


Our experts can place and finish any concrete, from flatwork to retaining walls to concrete structures and foundations.


Our licensed plumbers are available to perform miscellaneous plumbing services such as annual RPZ testing, equipment, and fixture installation. From water and vent piping to complex hydraulic systems, our team can help.


Process services include piping and a wide range of replacements, fixes, and installation of various process equipment. Our full service of pipe capabilities includes welded stainless steel, welded steel, and flanged ductile of all sizes. We can work with you from one or two pieces, to full project scope.